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CFIE 2020 Show Fact Sheet
CFIE 2020 Floor Plan


*Who Should Exhibit?
Condiments and food ingredients exporters, producers and suppliers of:
Ø Condiments:soy sauce, vinegar, seasoning salt, ajinomoto, chicken essence, seasoning oil, sesame oil, spices, sauces, compound seasoning (sauce), oyster sauce, fish sauce, hot pot sauce, pickles, cooking wine, savory flavors, fragrances, and etc.
Ø Western Food Condiments:cheese, western food sauce, olive oil, western pickled vegetables, peanut butter, ketchup, salad cream.
Ø Food Ingredients: starch, starch sugar, edible grease and substitutes, flour, yeast products, vegetable protein, dietary fiber, soybean products, cocoa products.
Ø Food Additives: sweetening agent, flavoring agent, coloring, thickening material, antiputrefactiva, emulsifier, stabilizer, humectants, edible flavor and fragrance.
Ø Related processing and packing equipment and materials.

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