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9th Shanghai International Condiments & Food Ingredients Exhibition
Currently:The 9th Shanghai International Catering, Ingredients Exhibition
Show Date: August 26-28,2020
Show Venue: SNIEC (2345 Longyang Rd.)

Shanghai Society For Microbiology
Condiments and Food Ingredients Committee of Shanghai Food Association
ITE Asia Exhibitions Limited
Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.
Shanghai ITE Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Ø Chongqing Condiments Association
Ø Condiments Association of Hebei Province
Ø Condiments Association of Hubei Province
Ø Condiments Association of Jiangxi Province
Ø Condiments Association of Inner Mongolia
Ø Condiments Association of Sichuan Province
Ø Condiments Association of Zhejiang Province
Ø Shanxi Vinegar Industry Association
Ø Fujian Food Industry Association Condiments Branch
Ø Guangdong Food Industry Association Condiments Committee
Ø Heilongjiang Condiments Industry Association
Ø Jiangsu Condiments & Subsidiary Food Industry Association
Ø Shandong Food Association Condiments Committee
Ø Sichuan Federation of Industry Condiments Association
Ø Tianjin Condiments Industry Association
Ø Shanghai Food Additive Trade Association

Ehibition Overview
The continuous increase of consumer spending in recent years has created ever changing food tastes. With more and more product segments being created, the condiment industry is coming into a rapid development period.
After five years of careful nurture, Shanghai International Condiments & Food Ingredients Exhibition partners with Shanghai International Catering and Ingredients Exhibition to promote more trade linkage among the industries. This will not only meet the requirement of one-stop purchasing by catering, hotels, supermarkets and e-commerce but will also expand the business channels of condiment suppliers thus enhancing the links among the industries.
As a leading provider of B2B trade shows, event planning and organization service for emerging and developing markets, ITE Asia Exhibitions Limited., a subsidiary of ITE Group, has successfully formed a joint venture called Shanghai ITE Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. ITE Group PLC has successful experience of holding several exhibitions related to the food industry in many countries and regions. This time, ITE Group will go hand in hand with the Condiments and Food Ingredients Committee of Shanghai Food Association and other provincial and municipal associations and institutions to promote the market of condiment market in China.
Concurrent Activities (in preparation):
1. The 9th Condiment Technical Seminar
2. Promotional Workshop of New Condiment Products

*Exhibits Profile
Ø Condiments:soy sauce, vinegar, seasoning salt, ajinomoto, chicken essence, seasoning oil, sesame oil, spices, sauces, compound seasoning (sauce), oyster sauce, fish sauce, hot pot sauce, pickles, cooking wine, savory flavors, fragrances, and etc.
Ø Western Food Condiments:cheese, western food sauce, olive oil, western pickled vegetables, peanut butter, ketchup, salad cream.
Ø Food Ingredients: starch, starch sugar, edible grease and substitutes, flour, yeast products, vegetable protein, dietary fiber, soybean products, cocoa products.
Ø Food Additives: sweetening agent, flavoring agent, coloring, thickening material, antiputrefactiva, emulsifier, stabilizer, humectants, edible flavor and fragrance.
Ø Related processing and packing equipment and materials.

·Booth Fee
Shell Scheme (9M2=3M*3M)
Including 3-sided partitions, a carpet, 1 reception desk, 2 chairs, 2 spotlights, a waste bin, a 220V/5A socket
 Shell Scheme(3m*3m): USD 3,500.00/9㎡
 Plus 20% for corner booth
Raw Space (≥36M2)
 Space Only(Minimum 36 Sqm): USD 350.00/M2
Participation Procedure
 Fax or email the signed booth application form to the organizer.
 50% booth fee should be paid to the organizer within 7 working days, and the balance should be paid off no later one month before the show opening.
 First applied, first served.
 Refer to Exhibitor Manual to arrange hotel reservation, transportation, booth construction, furniture rental, interpreter service, etc.
Contact Organizer 
Shanghai Ai Ge Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Rm 1001, Shuangzi Building B, No.618, Xinzhuan Road,Songjiang District,Shanghai.
Contact: Fine Wang
Mobile: +86-152-6200-7801

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